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An Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Controller for Maximum Power Capture of Point Absorbers

Mohammed Jama, Addy Wahyudie, Ali Assi, and Hassan Noura – Energies, June 2014


This article presents an intelligent fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for controlling single-body heaving wave energy converter (WEC) or what is widely known as “Point Absorber”. The controller aims at maximizing the energy captured from the sea waves. The power take-off (PTO) limitations are addressed implicitly in the fuzzy inference system (FIS) framework. Continue reading


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Evaluation of the Wave Energy Conversion Efficiency in Various Coastal Environments

Eugen Rusu – Energies, June 2014


The main objective of the present work was to assess and compare the wave power resources in various offshore and nearshore areas. From this perspective, three different groups of coastal environments were considered: the western Iberian nearshore, islands and an enclosed environment with sea waves, respectively. Some of the most representative existent wave converters were evaluated in the analysis and a second objective was to compare their performances at the considered locations, and in this way to determine which is better suited for potential commercial exploitation. Continue reading

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