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Welcome to MHKTechPapers

Welcome to MHK Tech Papers Blog.  The purpose of this blog is to aggregate and organize technical papers as they relate the the development of Marine and Hydrokinetic (MHK) technologies. This blog is a community effort, begun by Mike Spray, and focuses on technology development, economics and resource assessment. Those with interests in social science, environmental impacts, and policy dimensions of MHK technologies may find alternative compendiums helpful, such as the TETHYS database. This blog acts as a virtual journal for MHK, a necessary function, since MHK papers are scattered across a broad set of archival journals. In addition to archival literature, this blog contains relevant technical reports and theses/dissertations. All are tagged as such to distinguish between types of literature.

This blog is maintained by MHK researchers on a rotating, volunteer basis. To recommend a paper for inclusion, gain access, volunteer to take a turn maintaining things, or obtain further information, please contact the current maintainer (Brian Polagye:


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