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Obtaining renewable energy from tidal currents in the Aviles port: New services for citizens

Alvarez, E.Alvarez; Manso, A.Navarro; Gutierrez-Trashorras, A.J.; Francos, Joaquin Fernandez; Secades, M.Rico – 2013 International Conference on New Concepts in Smart Cities: Fostering Public and Private Alliances (SmartMILE), December 2013


The port of Avilés is very tightly integrated in the city of Avilés. Within the waters of the port there is significant tidal activity. The possibility of extracting this tidal energy and using it locally to provide services for citizens and port activities is a topic of great interest. Despite the low viability of current tidal energy installations, this investigation includes a design for a micro-generator system based on a set of micro-turbines and the associated off-the-shelf electronic converters to be situated in the port of Avilés. A study of the energy production system and its economic feasibility provide the parameters to define suitable sites for the installation.



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