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Development of a point absorber wave energy converter: realisation of power take-off, optimisation of geometry and installation techniques

A. Van de Sijpe – PhD Thesis, Ghent University, 2012


The development of renewable energy resources is strongly required due to the increasing energy demand, the shrinking reserves of fossil fuels and the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on the change of the wave climate. At Ghent University, study around the extraction of energy from ocean waves is being performed, more specifically with the aid of point absorber wave energy converters (WECs). To deliver a considerable amount of energy output at one location, large numbers of such devices need to be arranged in arrays or farms at sea. Several performed numerical and experimental studies around point absorbers and WEC-arrays are mentioned, indicating the knowledge gap of large scale physical model tests on WEC-farms, which are necessary to study the near- and far-field effects and to verify and improve numerical models. Within the HYDRALAB IV European programme in the frame of the project WEC wakes, large farms of point absorbers will be tested in the Shallow Water Wave Basin of DHI (Denmark). Continue reading


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