In-tank tests of a dielectric elastomer generator for wave energy harvesting

R. Vertechy, M. Fontana, G. P. Rosati Papini, and D. Forehand – Proc. SPIE Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD), March 2014


Wave energy harvesting is one of the most promising applications for Dielectric Elastomer Generators. A simple and interesting concept of a Wave Energy Converter based on Dielectric Elastomers is the Polymeric Oscillating Water Column (Poly-OWC). In this paper, preliminary experimental results on the assessment of a small-scale Poly-OWC prototype are presented. The scale of the considered prototype is 1:50. Tests are conducted in a wave-flume by considering sea state conditions with different wave amplitudes and frequencies. The obtained experimental results confirm the viability of the Poly-OWC device.



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Filed under Component Development, Materials and coatings

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