Power extraction using flow-induced vibration of a circular cylinder placed near another fixed cylinder

Yoshiki Nishi, Yuta Ueno, Masachika Nishio, Luis Antonio Rodrigues Quadrante, and Kentaroh Kokubun – Journal of Sound and Vibration, May 2014


We conducted an experiment in a towing tank to investigate the performance of an energy extraction system using the flow-induced vibration of a circular cylinder. This experiment tested three different cases involving the following arrangements of cylinder(s) of identical diameter: the upstream fixed–downstream movable arrangement (case F); the upstream movable–downstream fixed arrangement (case R); and a movable isolated cylinder (case I). In cases F and R, the separation distance (ratio of the distance between the centers of the two cylinders to their diameters) is fixed at 1.30. Measurement results show that while cases F and I generate vortex-induced vibration (VIV) resonance responses, case R yields wake-induced vibration (WIV) at reduced velocity over 9.0, which is significantly larger than that of the VIV response, leading to the induction of higher electronic power in a generator. Accordingly, primary energy conversion efficiency is higher in the case involving WIV.



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