Comparison of Conventional and Helical Savonius Marine Current Turbine Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

A. Reza Hassanzadeh, Omar Yaakob, Yasser M. Ahmed and M. Arif Ismail – World Applied Sciences Journal, December 2013


Due to the limited of fossil fuel and environmental concerns, development of renewable energyincluding ocean energy is becoming more important. This study on a specific type of vertical axis turbine, which is called Savonius, appropriate for shallow water and low current velocity applications. Considering the low efficiency of Savonius, this study to render some for enhancing the performance of Savonius utilization. Powerful computational fluid dynamic software was used to analyze and compare two types of turbines conventional turbine and helical turbine. The simulation results showed that the performance of helical Savonius rotor significantly higher than conventional ones.



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