Design and Experimental Analysis of AC Linear Generator with Halbach PM Arrays for Direct-Drive Wave Energy Conversion

Zhang, J; Yu, H.; Chen, Q.; Hu, M.; Huang, L.; and Liu, Q. – IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, November 2013


To convert wave energy into more suitable forms efficiently, a single-phase permanent magnet (PM) AC linear generator directly coupled to wave energy conversion is presented in this paper. Magnetic field performance of Halbach PM arrays is compared with that of radially magnetized (R-magnetized) structure. Then, the change of parameters in the geometry of slot and Halbach PM arrays’ effect on the electromagnetic properties of the generator are investigated, and the optimization design guides are established for key design parameters. Finally, the simulation results are compared with test results of the prototype in wave energy conversion experimental system. Due to test and theory analysis results of prototype concordant with the Finite element analysis results, the proposed model and analysis method are correct and meet the requirements of direct-drive wave energy conversion system.



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Filed under Component Development, Experiments, Modeling

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