Spatial Multi Criteria Analysis For the Determination of Areas with High Potential Wave Energy

K. N. Abdul Maulud, W. H. M. Wan Mohtar, and O. A. Karim – Jurnal Teknologi, December 2013


The strategic geographical location of Malaysia, with at least 60% of its shores are bordered with ocean, has high potential to sustain the country’s energy supply by harnessing energy from wave. However, the oceans stretch of which is suitable for wave energy generation needs to be accurately determined, with the sensitive and protected areas are taken into account. This study describes the methodology and more developed approach to determine the area not only with high wave energy but also its legality. The area is restricted at a minimum of 12 nautical miles from the coastline and the water depth is between 30 – 250 meters. Factors of oil and gas cable routing, marine parks, petroleum mining area, submarine cables and ports are considered in the analysis. Several GIS models constructed to facilitate the analysis. The methods of overlay spatial multi criteria analysis and clipping, based on the Geographic Information System (GIS) were employed. The determination of area with high potential for wave energy is vastly improved, producing a more reliable map. The results are the location of the marine energy potential in Malaysia shelf.



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