Medium-voltage power converter interface for Wave Dragon wave energy conversion system

Muller, N., Kouro, S., Glaria, J., and Malinowski, M. – 2013 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), September 2013


This paper presents a medium-voltage power converter system for the Wave Dragon ocean energy conversion platform. The proposed converter configuration is an alternative to the classic back-to-back low voltage converter implemented in the original prototype. The converter configuration merges several diode rectifiers with boost converters operating with low voltage at the generators side, with a single neutral point clamped converter (NPC) operating at medium-voltage at grid side. The control schemes for generator and grid side converters are analyzed, and simulation results are presented as preliminary validation. The proposed configuration provides a simple and cost-effective interface for wave energy conversion systems with several generators, such as Wave Dragon.



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Filed under Component Development, Modeling

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