Folding tidal turbine as an innovative concept toward the new era of turbines

Wei-Haur Lam and Aalisha Bhatia – Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, December 2013


Research and development of tidal current turbines has undergone significant growth since the past decades. The trials and errors have led to the improvements for various aspects of tidal current turbines. One of the remaining problems of tidal current turbines is the difficulties in transportation and installation. The concept of folding tidal turbine was proposed to provide a solution for the ease of transportation and installation in 2010. Folding tidal turbine has the foldable parts of blades, shaft, connecting rods and outer box compared to the rigid structure of a conventional turbine. The current study discusses the components of folding turbine, rigidity of structure, performance, working concept, efficiency, material, electrical aspects, environmental impacts and prevention of marine corrosion. Previous works proposed the costs for transportation and installation of a conventional tidal turbine were 30% of the total cost. Folding tidal turbine is estimated to reduce 20% of the total cost with a shorter installation time.



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