Development of a novel point absorber in heave for wave energy conversion

Dinh Quang Truong and Kyoung Kwan Ahn – Renewable Energy, September 2013


This paper presents an advanced design methodology for electric power generation from the vast ocean wave energy. A novel single-buoy heaving device called wave energy converter (WEC) based on hydrostatic transmission (HST), or can be shortened as HSTWEC, is proposed to convert mechanical energy generated by ocean waves into electric energy. Modeling and simulations with both regular and irregular waves were then carried out to investigate working performances of the designed HSTWEC. The results showed that more than 78% of wave energy can be absorbed. In addition, an adaptive controller was designed to improve the performance of the suggested device. Effectiveness of the overall HSTWEC control system was finally proved by simulations.



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Filed under Modeling, System Development

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