Review of wave energy technologies and the necessary power-equipment

Iraide López, Jon Andreu, Salvador Ceballos, Iñigo Martínez de Alegría, and Iñigo Kortabarria – Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, November 2013


The wave energy is having more and more interest and support as a promising renewable resource to replace part of the energy supply, although it is still immature compared to other renewable technologies. This work presents a complete analysis of the wave energy technology, starting with the characterisation of this global resource in which the most suitable places to be exploited are showed, and the classification of the different types of wave energy converters in according to several features. It is also described in detail each of the stages that are part in the energy conversion, that is, from the capture of the energy from the waves to the extraction of a proper electrical signal to be injected to the grid. Likewise, existing offshore energy transmission alternatives and possible layouts are described.





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