On wave energy focusing and conversion in open water

Umesh A. Korde and R. Cengiz Ertekin – Renewable Energy, February 2014


This paper investigates wave energy conversion in open water where the goal is to utilize the wave-field focusing effect of a stationary disc submerged a short depth beneath the water surface. Dynamic interaction of the disc with additional coupled, submerged inertias is used to minimize its oscillation. The method used to enable and extend this favorable dynamic coupling is discussed here. An oscillating water column in a submerged duct attached under a small circular opening in the disc and driven by the wave-field over the disc is used for wave energy conversion. Non-real-time reactive control of the water column response to enhance energy absorption is examined. Added mass, radiation damping, and exciting force values for the submerged disc are computed, and the focusing effect of a submerged stationary disc is confirmed with numerical calculations of surface elevation over the disc. Calculations of hydrodynamic performance suggest that energy absorption from the oscillating water column is significantly greater under control holding the disc stationary, and can be improved further by applying reactive loads tuned to the optimal susceptance and conductance associated with the oscillating water column. Although the control forces involved in holding the disc stationary may be large at lower wave numbers, the maximum deflection amplitudes of the compensation system are found to be within reasonable limits.



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Filed under Modeling, System Development

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