Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Generator for an Oscillating Hydrofoil in a Tidal Current Regime

S. Tarafdar, M. Abroshan, and M. Mirsalim – IACSIT International Journal of Engineering and Technology, April 2013


This paper presents a novel method to extract energy from tidal currents by using a permanent magnet linear synchronous generator for an oscillating hydrofoil. In this work, an initial design of a linear generator is proposed for a biomimetically inspired oscillating hydrofoil system as a tidal energy generator. The device is designed to manipulate the flow stream and contained energy. It demonstrates a noticeable increase in efficiency when compared with data from existing industrial prototypes. Thus, a heightened theoretical coefficient of power and decreased cycle times are calculated for the device. The whole system is surveyed from the hydrofoil to the sample load. The main aim of the paper is to depict a new design in handling the hydrofoils in a tidal current regime.



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Filed under Modeling, System Development

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