Optimal Constant DC Link Voltage Operation of a Wave Energy Converter

V. Kurupath, R. Ekströmemail, and M. Leijonemail – Energies, April, 2013


This article proposes a simple and reliable damping strategy for wave power farm operation of small-scale point-absorber converters. The strategy is based on passive rectification onto a constant DC-link, making it very suitable for grid integration of the farm. A complete model of the system has been developed in Matlab Simulink, and uses real site data as input. The optimal constant DC-voltage is evaluated as a function of the significant wave height and energy period of the waves. The total energy output of the WEC is derived for one year of experimental site data. The energy output is compared for two cases, one where the optimal DC-voltage is determined and held constant at half-hour basis throughout the year, and one where a selected value of the DC-voltage is kept constant throughout the year regardless of sea state.



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Filed under Grid, Modeling, System Development

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