Consistent ocean wave energy harvesting using electroactive polymer (dielectric elastomer) artificial muscle generators

S. Chiba, M. Waki, T. Wada, Y. Hirakawa, K. Masuda, and T. Ikoma – Applied Energy, April, 2013


An energy transduction technology that operates efficiently over a range of frequencies is important for practical energy harvesting devices such as ocean wave power generators. Dielectric elastomer is based on the change in capacitive energy of a deformable dielectric and is a candidate for such applications. A simple scale model of EPAM-based wave energy harvesting system was tested in a wave tank over a range of wave periods from 0.7 to 3 s and wave heights from 2 cm to 6 cm. The energy output was found to be largely independent of wave period.



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Filed under Component Development, Experiments, Materials and coatings

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