Implementing double fed induction generator for converting ocean wave power to electrical

E. Enferad and D. Nazarpour – 4th Power Electronics, Drive Systems and Technologies Conference (PEDSTC), February, 2013


Nowadays renewable sources are being considered as potential power source for increasing world power demand and this power sources will have more contribute in future electric grids. Ocean waves are one of these renewable sources that have been investigated in last decades. Ocean waves are highly fluctuating which make generating electrical power a challenging issue from. In this paper a double fed induction machine is implemented by surge Wave Energy Convector (WEC) to generate electrical power from wave power. Meanwhile the interface which connects the WEC and DFIG is a crank and connecting rod. In order to control generator speed and generate smooth electrical power from ocean waves a fly wheel is used in mechanical part for power storage as well as the rotor of electrical generator is controlled by AC/DC/AC power electronic circuit. According to the result, the precise control of back to back invertors makes it possible to generate electrical power by DFIG from ocean waves in an effective manner.



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