Optimizing the shape of rotor blades for maximum power extraction in marine current turbines

H.R. Karbasian and J.A. Esfahani – International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, December, 2012


In this paper the shape of rotor blades in Marine Current Turbines (MCTs) are investigated. The evaluation of hydrodynamic loads on blades is performed base on the Blade Element Momentum (BEM) theory. According to main parameters in configurations and operations of these devices the shape of blades are optimized. The optimization is conducted based on the ability of blades to harness the maximum energy during operation conditions. The main parameters investigated here are tip speed ratio and angle of attack. Furthermore, the influence of these considered parameters on the maximum energy extraction from fluid flow over hydrofoil are evaluated. It is shown the effect of angle of attack on power extraction is more than that of tip speed ratio, while both of them are found to be noticeable. Additionally, the proper angle of attack is the angle at which the lift to drag ratio is maximum value. However, if a proper angle of attack is chosen, the variations of power coefficient would not be effectively changed with small variations on tip speed ratio.



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