A study on the design assessment of 50kW ocean current turbine using fluid structure interaction analysis

B.S. Kim, S.Y. Bae, W.J. Kim, S.L. Lee and M.K. Kim – IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2012


This research represents the results of performance prediction and structural safety evaluation of 50 kW ocean current turbine rotor assembly. Unsteady CFD simulation on the rotor assembly was performed to predict the performance of rotor assembly, and a cavitation model was applied with consideration of underwater operating conditions. Flow analysis result showed that the average power output was 47 kW at an extreme flow velocity of 6 m/s and cavitation phenomena which is repeatedly occurred around the rotor assembly was also observed. The structural safety of the rotor assembly was evaluated by unidirectional FSI analysis. The analysis results showed that the minimum safety factor of the rotor assembly was 3.8. From the result, it was concluded that the rotor assembly had sufficient structural safety at an extreme operating condition.



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