Status and potentials of tidal in-stream energy resources in the southern coasts of Iran: A case study

A. Rashid – Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, December, 2012


Interest in renewable energy in Iran has increased continually over the past decade. Iran has an excellent hydro power energy resource and the use of this resource will assist in the development of a sustainable energy future. Iran – with its many narrow channels and significant tidal range – might be expected to have considerable potential for tidal current power generation. The Khowr-e Musa Bay is a large coastal embayment on the south-western coast of Iran in which the peak tidal currents exceed 2 m/s. It is therefore a promising site for tidal stream power. The assessment employed a statistical method, for estimating tidal current energy resource at the selected site, during one lunar month (since 6 November 1996 to 7 December 1996). With the introduction of constraints and limitations, the technical, practical, accessible and viable tidal current energy resources were obtained.



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