Seawave power farm design: A case study

V. Franzitta, A. Viola, and M. Trapanese – AASRI Procedia, 2012


Current energy crisis and general concerns on environmental issues have triggered an ever increasing effort on harvesting renewable energies. Amongst renewable energy sources, sea wave energy is definitely the one that has been less utilised. This is probably caused by two reasons: i)the strong technical novelties that are required to extract thee energy that is contained in a highly and stochastically variable motion; ii)the difficulty of find a suitable electrical system able to convert the energy contained in the motion of the sea into electrical energy. In this paper we propose an approach to set up a general methodology toward the design of a sea wave farm. The first step is explained how to choose the conversion system, in the second step is discussed the connection scheme among the converters, in the third step is reported a case study of a whole sea wave farm.



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