Numerical Wave Modeling and Wave Energy Estimation

G Galanis, G Zodiatis, D Hayes, A Nikolaidis, G Georgiou, S Stylianou, G Kallos, C Kalogeri, PC Chu and A Charalambous – Advances in Meteorology, 2013

In a rapidly evolving operational and research framework concerning the global energy resources, new frontiers have been set for the scientific community working on environmental and renewable energy issues. In particular, new numerical techniques supporting the accurate estimation of renewable energy sources are highly emphasized. In this framework, wave energy – the energy that can be captured from sea waves – provides an alternative option with critical advantages. In the present paper, recent advances and some preliminary results obtained in two European projects will be discussed: Marina Platform and E-wave projects are focusing on the estimation of the wave energy potential in North Atlantic coastline of Europe and in Eastern Mediterranean Sea, respectively. Special emphasis is given to the utilization of numerical atmospheric and wave modeling systems able to accurately monitor the atmospheric and sea conditions in the area of interest. On the other hand, advanced statistical techniques are utilized for the local adaptation of the results and the estimation of the spatial and temporal distribution of the wave energy potential.



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