Multi-arrayed tidal current energy farm and the integration method of the power transportation

CH Jo, KH Lee, JH Lee, C Nichita – 2012 International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation, and Motion, June  2012

Ocean energy resources are attractive renewable supply options for Korea being surround by ocean. Also having very strong tidal current speeds, there are many suitable sites for the application of TCP (Tidal Current Power) on the west and south coastal region in Korea with the maximum current speed of up to 6.5m/s. Not like other renewable energy sources, TCP is the high reliable and predictable and continuous energy source as the current pattern and speed can be predicted throughout the year. Since the large scale tidal current farm consists of many units of the turbine devices, the interaction effect is very important in power production. Also the power integration method in ocean energy has of very important issue. In this paper, the interaction effect and the power connection methods for each turbine unit and the integration method for 200MW tidal current farm are conceptually introduced with the offshore power integration platform



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