Calibration and Validation of a FAST Floating Wind Turbine Model of the DeepCwind Scaled Tension-Leg Platform

GM Stewart, MA Lackner, AN Robertson, J Jonkman, A Goupee 22nd International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference – June 2012

…a 1/50th-scale floating wind turbine atop a tension-leg platform (TLP) was designed based on Froude scaling by the University of Maine under the DeepCwind Consortium…Analysis was conducted to validate FAST for modeling the dynamics of this floating system through comparison of FAST simulation results to wave tank measurements. First, a full-scale FAST model of the as-tested scaled configuration of the system was constructed, and this model was then calibrated through comparison to the static load, free-decay, regular wave only, and wind-only tests. Part of the calibration process included modifying the airfoil properties of the wind turbine blades to more accurately characterize the aerodynamic performance achieved in the tests. The FAST model was also modified to better represent the structural response data by introducing additional platform damping and stiffness terms. Next, the calibrated FAST model was compared to the combined wind and wave tests to validate the coupled hydrodynamic and aerodynamic predictive performance. Limitations of both FAST and the data gathered from the tests are discussed in this paper.



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