Study on the Dynamic Characteristic for Spar Type Floating Foundation of Offshore Wind Turbine

RY Zhang, CH Chen, Y Tang – Applied Mechanics and Materials, May 2012

In this paper, the dynamic behaviors are studied for Spar type floating foundation of a 3kW in the 10m deep water considering the coupled wind turbine-tower-floating foundation and mooring lines and ocean environment load effects. The paper focus on the key issues of design of floating foundation, such as coupling dynamic analysis model and calculating method. The finite element models are established and dynamic responses of floating wind turbine system under different combinations of turbulent wind, constant current and irregular wave are calculated in frequency and time domain with SESAM software. The motion performance and lines’ tension are investigated, and some valuable conclusions are drawn. The results show that the Spar type floating foundation and mooring system can work in the ocean environment which significant wave height less than 2m, the designed large water-entrapment plate can minimized the motion of floating foundation obviously.


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