In-Stream Tidal Power: A Literature Review

CP Kuang, XT Zhao, Y Pan, J Gu – Advanced Materials Research, May 2012

Under the energy crisis, the development of new energy has become one of the top issues for countries in the world. In-stream tidal power is a young generation technology to exploit the tidal energy, whose potential has been attached great importance to by many countries. Turbine is the core components of the in-stream tidal power generation system. In this paper the relatively mature technology is summarized extensively. Recent years many countries have pay a lot of attentions to in-stream tidal power and set the future development goals. For both the development stage and installed capacity China have a larger gap with western foreign, but the research of the in-stream tidal power device in China already has made great progress, and the development of in-stream tidal power generation technologies has show great advantages in the protection of the environment, sustainable development of economic and social and mitigation of the energy crisis.



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Filed under Component Development, Standards and Protocols

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