Wave Energy Converter

R Bado, A Madatov  – US Patent 20,120,112,462, May 2012

Apparatus for converting the energy of ocean waves into electricity, comprises a buoyant body that floats on the surface of water and a submerged body suspended from the buoyant body by flexible cables at a depth where water is still. The submerged body comprises electric generators and horizontally-aligned rotors with a plurality of variable geometry, preferably flexible, buckets attached to a lateral surface of each rotor. The buckets are so shaped to move through water with minimum resistance in one direction and with maximum resistance in the opposite direction. The buoyant body rises with each wave, dragging the submerged body upward through the region of still water until a wave reaches its crest. As a wave falls, the gravity drags the submerged body downward until a wave reaches its trough. This movement causes unidirectional rotation of rotors. This rotation is transmitted to electric generators.


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