Development Of A Wave To Wire Model

M Aves, F Ferri – Advances in Modeling of Wave Energy Devices, April 2012

Among the renewable energies, the wave energy is still an open field where no one leading technology has been chosen and where a considerable amount of new concepts arise every year; at the earlier stage of development it is recommended to use scaled device, in order to save money, time and public opinion faith. Since the laboratory tests are often time and money consuming, in the last years the numerical analysis of the wave energy converter (WEC) performance became one of the most important task in this field. Using this tool is possible to change easily the geometry or other parameter of the studied device and then brings the most promising set-up in the laboratory; it is possible for example to study and compare different types of power take off system. Therefore, the wave to wire model defined in this work is a numerical model used to study the productivity of a specified WEC in a well define frame of sea conditions.


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