A. Weinstein, D. Roddier, K. Banister, Technical Report submitted to DOE EERE Wind & Water Power Program, March, 2012


The main challenge for offshore floating renewable energy devices remains to build a structure capable of withstanding the highly energetic ocean environment in such a way that costs are competitive in global energy markets. Due to technological similarities to onshore wind energy and continually growing demand for better wind resources close to load, in certain parts of the world the offshore wind industry is developing quickly. Principle Power, Inc.’s (PPI) WindFloat is a floating foundation for multi-megawatt wind turbines. The WindFloat is a three column semi-submersible platform designed to harvest wind energy in water depths of 45 meters and deeper, where fixed offshore turbines cease being economical. The present WindFloat deploys an industry standard horizontal axis wind turbine at the top of a tower, on one of the three columns and is suitable to accept any other wind turbines configurations as maybe chosen by an end user. In this configuration, the WindFloat has enough deck space for additional equipment.

Principle Power Inc. and National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) have completed a contract to assess the technical and economic feasibility of integrating wave energy converters into the WindFloat, resulting in a new concept called the WindWaveFloat (WWF).



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