Design and Stability of a Floating Free Stream Energy Converter

WMJ Batten, F Weichbrodt, GU Muller, J Hadler, C Semlow, M Hochbaum, S Dimke, P Frohle- Proceedings of the 34th World Congress of the International Association for Hydro- Environment Research and Engineering

A floating energy converter to extract kinetic energy from river and sheltered tidal sites has been developed and tested. The energy converter has a floating body with side pontoons, base plate and separators that drives a hydrostatic pressure wheel. This paper compares results from floating lab scale models 1.2m in length with 0.5m diameter wheel tested in a circulating water channel with a 7.6m long demonstrator towed in an estuary. The power and stability scaling of the models are assessed and the results are used to predict performance of larger devices to assess potential in remote areas.



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