A Combined Multi-Site and Multi-Device Decision Support System for Tidal In-Stream Energy

M Abundo, A Nerves, E Paringit, C Villanoy – Energy Procedia, 2012

This paper combines site and device suitability approaches into one framework to assist stakeholders in identifying locations fit for Tidal In-Stream Energy (TISE) extraction as well as nominating devices that are matched to the conditions of those locations. A Matlab-based decision support system is developed using the framework. Site-Device matching is performed considering resource data, device power generation, energy production, and cost. A case study, involving four sites in the Philippines, is presented. Hydrodynamic simulations using DELFT3D are done. The suitability of modeled TISE conversion devices is investigated over several locations in the case study. Device nominations are made for respective locations using highest energy production as dominating criterion.




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