Kinematic Analysis of a Planar Tensegrity Mechanism for Wave Energy Harvesting

RE Vasquez, CD Crane, JC Correa – Latest Advances in Robot Kinematics, 2012

Tensegrity systems have been used in several disciplines such as architecture, biology, aerospace, mechanics and robotics during the last fifty years. However, just a few references in literature have stated the possibility of using them in ocean or energy-related applications. This work addresses the kinematic analysis of a planar 3–dof tensegrity mechanism for ocean wave energy harvesting. A planar tensegrity mechanism is proposed based on the “X-frame” morphology developed by Kenneth Snelson in 1960s. A geometric approach is used to solve the forward and reverse displacement problems. The theory of screws is used to perform the forward and reverse velocity analyses of the device. The result of shows that tensegrity systems could play an important roll in the expansion of clean energy technologies that help the world’s sustainable development.


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